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           MOBILE NANNY: How it works

  • Three day minimum notice preferred
  • Requests scheduled online via member site
  • Must fill out Childcare Liability Waiver prior to first appointment
  • Electronically invoiced within a week after the appointment
  • Our vehicles are equipped with carseats if needed
  • Special Requests: short-notice (less than 3 days) and requests lasting longer than 6 hours must be emailed to (filled based upon availability)



Cambrey Lane created the Mobile Nanny program to provide for the occasional, periodic, and short-term childcare needs. With a changing workforce and workday, we realize that you may need services outside the typical hours provided by most childcare centers. Our nannies are there to provide reassurance and an extra hand when needed -- whether that be to pick up your child and take them to soccer practice or watch them while you go out on a date night, Cambrey Lane's Mobile Nannies are ready to assist.  

** Please note: Mobile Nanny services are only available to Cambrey Lane Members and only within a 15 mile radius of the 22192 area code, which is the area code of our family center in Woodbridge, VA.  Click the links above to join our membership or request a mobile nanny.**


  • $16 per hour (1.5 hours minimum required)
  • $0.75 per mile for any included transportation
  • Special requests for holidays ($20 per hour)
  • Extended requests will accrue $20/hr rate after the 6th hour
  • Transportation Only Requests:  mileage calculated roundtrip from our residential center in Woodbridge (22192 area code)
  • Late fees applied to invoices not paid within 7 days upon receipt
  • $15 cancellation fee for appointments not cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours notice